Access + Organize: Access Passport Elements


Are your forms headed in the right direction?

Access Passport is a web-based forms solution that removes ALL paper from your forms processes — working with Access Formatta to make your routines completely paper-free from start to finish. Without printing or scanning, your staff can:

  • Access the e-forms you need easily from virtually any device and location
  • Collect information in e-forms and add attachments in record time
  • Capture required signatures directly on e-forms without paper and ink

Once an e-form is complete, Access Passport and Formatta can:

  • Automate workflow dynamically using data captured in e-forms
  • Deliver completed forms and data to the people and systems that need it
  • Track forms throughout their lifecycle and perform many other valuable tasks

Everything related to your forms now is in one place with Access Passport and Formatta — so lower costs, paper-free routines and reduced risk can be your real-world destinations.

Paperless. Web-Based. Mobile. Integrated. Automated. Where will Access Passport take you?

Access Passport unifies the following elements of e-forms management, providing authorized users with access to all the features they need from a single, web-based interface.

E-Forms Repository
Review a list of people and instantly launch the e-forms that are related to them.

E-Forms Catalog
Navigate quickly through your organization’s e-forms to open the one you need.

Work with and sign e-forms that need signatures and review their status at a glance.

My E-Forms
Access e-forms that involve you, whether they’re in your inbox, in process or complete.

Manage your solution’s forms, fields, users, security groups and other settings.

Facilities Manager
Centrally control the system’s underlying data structures for all of your facilities.

Unify the administration of your solution’s server-side capabilities like integration.

Analyze your Access solution with usage reports, e-form statistics and audit logs.