Mobile Technology: Formatta for Apple iOS


Formatta for Apple iOS

Forget paper. Submit data anywhere. Embrace upward form mobility.

Apple iPad

When engineering our solution for Apple iPad, we didn’t want to settle for just porting electronic forms management to the device. Instead, we focused on the iPad’s user experience potential, adding touch-enabled option buttons, menus, lists and other features that make completing forms a cinch.

Required fields are highlighted so users know exactly what information they need to fill in. We took our approach one step further, enabling secure, authenticated digital signature capabilities.

Apple iPhone

Instead of just porting Formatta e-forms management features to the iPhone, we built the user experience from the ground up with an approach that took into account the device’s capabilities.

We added touch-enabled menus, lists and option buttons to make it easy to collect data on the fly, creating an enjoyable, customized interface that perfectly fits the iPhone. In addition, we enabled secure, authenticated digital signature capabilities so users can authorize e-forms on the go.

Next, we engineered a dedicated e-forms management portal for iPhone, giving users even more control of their forms in an intuitive, touch-friendly environment.