Concepts & Uses

Everything you need to know about e-Forms. And a few other things, too.

Have you heard what just one paper form costs these days? A little more than $7 on average, according to the latest industry research from AIIM1. For most organizations, that means an unnecessary expense totaling tens of thousands of dollars per year. Formatta changes that equation — completely eliminating paper forms and the printing, processing and capturing costs that go along with them. Explore the following e-forms-related concepts and uses to find out more.

What exactly is an e-Form?

We’re so glad you asked. An e-form (or electronic form) is simply a digital version of the costly, inefficient paper form that you use to collect information to support a business process. Why would you want to do that, you ask? E-forms are easier to use, more secure and accurate, and far less expensive than paper. Because they are 100 percent digital, e-forms are accessible online from all kinds of devices — and captured data can be used instantly across your organization by anyone or any IT system. You can even sign e-forms in multiple ways too.

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E-Forms add value to other systems and reduce your risk.

Your organization smartly has invested in content management (ECM) and other business systems to digitize your workplace. You’ve made great progress, even if it’s taken a bit of time, energy and resources. But the truth is, paper and other unstructured forms still are an issue — and they’re wasting money, blocking efficiency and introducing risk. Formatta completes your vision, working with your systems to create a truly paperless environment.

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People like things that are easier, better, faster.

Have you heard of anyone who likes to fill out paper forms? How about someone who enjoys writing down the same information over and over again? Neither have we. Of all the benefits that our e-forms technology offers, dramatically improving the experience of completing a form is one of the most popular.

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Our e-Forms platform offers stuff that others cannot match.

There’s a reason why Access is the leading provider of e-forms technology. Actually, there are a lot of advantages that motivate our prospects to become customers and our customers to expand Formatta into other areas. Here are a few:

  • We’re singularly focused on developing the world’s best e-form software
  • We make it simple for IT staff to design and deploy e-forms without coding
  • Formatta is 100 percent ours — not built on top of others’ technologies
  • We offer a flexible, scalable e-forms platform that easily grows with you
  • Formatta works on different platforms and integrates with virtually any system

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You won’t need to get signatures on paper with our technology.

Most forms require signatures. It’s a key reason people stick with paper — the perception that signatures on paper forms are more legally binding. Formatta removes this concern, putting your mind at ease so you can enjoy all the benefits of going completely paperless. With our technology, you can capture secure, authentic and legally airtight signatures on our e-forms in several different ways, even if you require paperlike wet signatures.

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