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What is an e-Form?

The most basic definition of an e-form is simple. It’s an electronic version of the paper forms everyone gets tired of filling out — at the doctor’s office, during school enrollment, when applying for a job. In theory, the e-form makes data collection processes simpler.

But as with every technology, not all e-forms software systems are built the same. Many products offer static, HTML-based, online forms that offer limited data collection options with little or no business logic.

To truly solve the data-collection issues facing your organization, you need a system that can deploy many types of e-forms (including government-regulated documents such as W-4s and I-9s) and make them available through any browser and operating system, via mobile devices or offline when required.

Replace paper. Turn to leading e-Forms technology. See real benefits.

Formatta e-forms management software offers these features and many more, such as pulling in data from other systems so users can complete forms quickly without having to submit redundant information. Our e-forms can initiate a business process, accept digital signatures and even share collected data securely with people and systems across an organization.

  • Establish faster, more collaborative and more secure processes
  • Standardize data collection for government-regulated documents in support of compliance mandates
  • Efficiently capture accurate data for non-regulated forms
  • Easily track information that flows throughout your organization
  • Apply business logic to forms, for example, automatically route capital request forms above a certain amount to the CFO
  • Securely complete forms on the go with native support for iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices
  • Archive and index e-forms in a content and document management system — a paperless, automatic, hands-free process
  • Send forms data into databases and share captured data with business systems to automate process steps