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If you examine any department in your enterprise, you’d find many paper-driven forms processes that are slow, hard to track and a drain on productivity. From human resources to accounting and financials to contracts management to general administration, your organization likely has hundreds of these paper-heavy routines — new employee onboarding, performance evaluations, capital requests, time and expense reporting, just to name a few. Up to 80 percent of business-driving documents are forms, and yet, despite needing to do more with less, most companies do little to change the way they approach forms management.

Replace paper forms. Process information faster. Simplify daily routines.

And then there are those companies using Formatta e-forms management solutions. With our software, slow, disjointed and paper-intensive processes are transformed into fast, collaborative and paper-free ones. Easy to deploy and use, Formatta enables any user to quickly complete e-forms online or offline, apply a secure digital signature and send forms on to the next person in the process.

Upon completion, captured data is made available to authorized users companywide or externally when appropriate, through our seamless integration with content and document management systems and business applications.

  • Drastically reduce the time it takes to complete and process forms
  • Eliminate duplicate effort and manual tasks
  • Standardize forms (including government- and industry-regulated ones) across the organization
  • Ensure all required data is accurate, verified and collected the first time, every time
  • Increase accountability and visibility by monitoring the progress of forms-driven processes
  • Securely share data with ERP, content and document management, and any other business system or database
  • Rapidly convert existing forms and create new ones with an intuitive, graphical e-form designer