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E-Forms solutions for employee offboarding

When you make the decision to part ways with an employee, or they choose to leave on their own, your HR team typically has to complete multiple forms and communicate individually with staff members in IT, security, the employee’s department and other areas. This involves numerous paper-driven steps and redundant effort that wastes time and pulls HR associates away from other important tasks.

Part of Formatta’s HCM offering, the Employee Offboarding solution eliminates these time-consuming steps. When an HR team member completes a single electronic form using Formatta, that information is automatically and simultaneously distributed to all authorized employees who need to see it. For example, IT-specific information is sent to the IT administrator at the same time as payroll and benefits information is routed to the payroll specialist. In addition, Formatta updates your HR applications and archives the e-form in your content and document management (ECM/EDM) system.

Move on without paper. Reduce risk. Ensure a fast transition.

  • Save your HR team from wasting time and energy on tedious tasks
  • Ensure an orderly, standardized and documented transition that meets company policy
  • Provide employees across the organization with the information they need to assist the process
  • Create an audit trail that reduces risk during e-Discovery and wrongful dismissal disputes
  • Access offboarding information immediately through your ECM/EDM system
  • Remove the burden of manually updating the records in your HR applications
  • Eliminate security risks to your systems/network by removing access privileges in a timely manner

Some of the employee offboarding forms in the Formatta HCM solution include:

  • Exit interview
  • Noncompete agreement
  • Intellectual property agreement
  • Equipment checklist (computer supplies and other office equipment)
  • Separation agreement