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E-Forms solutions for employee self-service.

At any company, employees need to interact with HR forms for multiple reasons — adding a dependent to a W-4, submitting a paid-time-off (PTO) request, updating emergency contact information and more. Typically, this involves an e-mail-driven process that requires multiple steps and interaction with the HR team, or, at some companies, even the exchange of interoffice envelopes. Adding to this redundant, slow and inefficient process, an HR staff member then must scan the forms into the content and document management (ECM/EDM) system and manually update records in the HR application.

With the Employee Self-Service solution, part of Formatta’s HCM offering, the paper, delays and hassle go away. Now, an employee can access the e-form they need from a secure portal, complete it online or offline, and authorize it with a digital signature. Upon submittal, an HR associate (and, if needed, the employee’s supervisor) receives an e-mail notification and clicks a link to view and interact with the form if needed. Formatta automatically updates the personnel record and archives the completed form in the ECM/EDM system. Even if you have an electronic process, Formatta takes it to the next level.

Replace paper forms. Put secure e-Forms online. Empower efficiency.

  • Eliminate redundant effort for employees and the HR team
  • Empower employees to make quick changes to their information
  • Remove the cost and environmental impact of paper forms, interoffice envelopes and other supplies
  • Ensure personnel records are up to date, without manual data entry
  • Make completed forms immediately available via the ECM/EDM system with seamless integration
  • Provide an audit trail and e-mail notifications so employees, supervisors and the HR team can see exactly where an e-form is in the process

Some of the employee self-service forms in the Formatta HCM solution include:

  • W-4 (for information additions or changes)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Business card ordering
  • Leave/travel/PTO request
  • Purchase request
  • Performance review
  • Expense reporting
  • Direct deposit change