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E-Forms solutions for HCM

Formatta’s e-forms solution for human capital management (HCM) enables any organization to remove the costs, delays and hassles of paper from new employee onboarding, administration and offboarding. Formatta delivers a cohesive, end-to-end offering that facilitates the paperless, secure and collaborative management of forms required to manage employees on a daily basis.

Move beyond paper. Improve communication. Simplify HR processes.

  • Eliminate the cost of paper forms and document loss
  • Extend your current HR software environment and online portal by offering employees access to self-service e-forms
  • Reduce the burden on the HR team by providing e-forms to employees via a secure, stand-alone self-service portal
  • Speed e-forms completion by automatically filling in certain fields via integration with your existing HR system and databases
  • Access and complete e-forms online, offline or both
  • Apply secure digital signatures to e-forms
  • Attach supporting documents to e-forms
  • Complete standardized e-forms and send them for approval through electronic workflow
  • Update the HR system with completed form data — no manual data entry required
  • Export completed e-form images, attachments and index files to your content and document management (ECM/EDM) repository
  • Eliminate duplication, redundant effort and human error


Solution Components

New Employee Onboarding

Ever wish you could hire a new employee without generating paper? Now you can, with Formatta. The solution enables you to collect required e-forms — including W-4s, I-9s and 401K enrollments — quickly, electronically and paperlessly, and then update your HR team, HR system and ECM/EDM repository when they’re complete.
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Employee Self-Service

From time-off requests to life changes on a W-4, employees often need to complete new HR forms and update existing ones. With Formatta, they can do it themselves securely and electronically without taking the HR team away from their work. Once the e-form is updated, Formatta notifies the HR team, updates the personnel record and archives the e-form in the ECM/EDM system.
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Employee Offboarding

Offboarding is typically a time-consuming process that involves redundant effort and the distribution of forms across the company. Formatta’s HCM solution changes that. Now, the HR team can fill out a single form electronically, and the appropriate information is sent to staff members in multiple areas (such as security, IT and the management team) simultaneously.
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