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E-Forms solutions for labor management

The daily tasks associated with managing employees — including time sheet processing and expense reporting — should be simple, fast and collaborative. But when relying on paper forms, they’re often quite the opposite. Productivity and efficiency get lost in a vortex of interoffice envelopes, incomplete documents and haphazard attachments. Key processes are delayed and peak times that are stressful enough, such as month- and year-end close, become even more demanding.

Switch from paper to electronic forms. Save steps. Do more with less.

Formatta electronic forms management is helping organizations like yours are simplifying their labor management processes. With Formatta, employees open e-forms, such as expense reports and time sheets, with some information prefilled from an existing database. Once they’ve completed all required fields, appended attachments and applied a secure digital signature, the form is sent into the enterprise content management (ECM) system. At the same time, Formatta updates your business systems with captured forms data — no paper or user effort is needed.

  • Take the burden off administrative staff, providing access to e-forms that employees complete anywhere on any device
  • Standardize forms and the processes they drive to ensure consistent data is consistent and compliant
  • Track forms throughout their lifecycle — no more missing envelopes or misfiled documents
  • Reduce turnaround time for all your labor management tasks
  • Minimize stress at peak times by ensuring all forms are submitted with needed attachments on time
  • Automate tasks and eliminate redundant and paper-related actions
  • Make the most of your existing ECM and business systems
  • Easily create, modify and publish forms with an easy-to-use designer