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Streamline payments with FormPay

If you’re one of the 375,000+ merchants who rely on to process credit card and e-check payments, you certainly know the importance of secure, reliable and user-friendly technology. We do too. It’s the reason we’ve partnered with to offer an integrated online forms solution (FormPay) that empowers your customers to submit payments from anywhere on any device — with ease and confidence.

Seamlessly integrated. Securely connected. Easily managed in ECM.

Here’s an example of how Formatta can perfectly complement your payment processing system:

  1. A customer visits your website, opens a mobile app, or clicks an email link to make a purchase.
  2. Formatta displays a FormPay-enabled e-form, filling in fields automatically using data pulled from other sources.
  3. The customer quickly completes the remaining fields.
  4. If information is incomplete or invalid, Formatta displays the errors so they can be corrected.
  5. The customer clicks Pay and submits credit or debit card information in a PCI-compliant FormPay window (connected directly to that opens with most details already filled in.
  6. Once approves the payment, the service sends a transaction ID back to the e-form for recording purposes.
  7. Formatta sends the e-form — without any sensitive data — into a content management (ECM) system for storage.
  8. Formatta can update workflow status and flag exceptions with processing results from

Formatta’s integration with is seamless, cost-effective and simple to get up and running. We also take care of the details that are important to customers, such as:

  • We fully support the Payment Gateway,’s infrastructure for transmitting online transaction data.
  • Our e-forms natively integrate with using their Advanced Integration Method (AIM).
  • Formatta e-forms are fully customizable to fit virtually any payment processing requirement. 
  • Our approach ensures that critical data is locked up and encrypted from the moment someone submits it.
  • We remove a major compliance burden — because FormPay is PCI-compliant, your process is covered.
  • Formatta can send the e-forms directly into content management (ECM) and other third-party systems.
  • The Formatta e-forms stored in your ECM system will never contain sensitive payment data.
  • Our system keeps a secure audit trail of every transaction that’s accessible whenever necessary.
  • Integrated e-forms intuitively support your approval, denial and exception-handling workflow processes. 
  • You can provide for a virtually unlimited number of people using the same e-form simultaneously.