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Reduce the costs of scanning forms

Paper forms are hurting your bottom line, even if you’re smartly capturing and managing them in PaperVision Enterprise or scanning and storing them in the cloud with ImageSilo. That’s because there’s a real cost to imaging and indexing paper forms — $2.84 every time you capture one. Our integrated e-forms solution for Digitech eliminates unnecessary expenses and makes your processes truly paperless and efficient. Find out how one of our customers used this solution to meet their efficiency goals in record time.

Quickly completed online. Automatically sent into PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo. Immediately shared across your organization.

Formatta’s e-forms integration with Digitech is unique, because it really is quick, cost-effective and scalable. We also know what matters to organizations running PaperVision Enterprise and ImageSilo, so you’re able to:

  • Realize a return on your Formatta investment in less than six months.
  • Remove the risks, expenses, inefficiencies and errors introduced when scanning paper forms.
  • Insert e-forms seamlessly into a business process and leverage PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow.
  • Support cloud initiatives, giving users secure access to e-forms from anywhere on any device.
  • Save cloud storage costs by easily downsizing e-form files when sending them into ImageSilo.
  • Enhance your use of PaperVision SharePoint Tools, as Formatta also integrates with SharePoint.
  • Ensure that critical data is locked up and encrypted from the moment someone submits it.
  • Integrate a virtually unlimited amount of e-form data with Digitech and other systems.
  • Adhere to Digitech’s security model or engage Formatta’s based on your needs.

Don’t take our word for it. Learn about our solution from a customer.

GOAL Academy, a publicly funded online charter school, used to send paper enrollment forms to students that they had to fill out at one of its 20 education centers. Completed forms were then mailed to its central records office where staff processed them, stored hard copies and manually updated their student information system (SIS). This incurred high costs, risked document loss, wasted months of time and delayed information availability.

Because they integrated Formatta with ImageSilo to streamline their operations, GOAL Academy’s students now are able to apply online quickly from anywhere — and staff barely have to lift a finger to process them. Known student information is automatically included on the seven government-required forms to speed completion. Submitted e-forms are automatically sent into the ImageSilo cloud repository where they’re instantly accessible and each field is searchable. Also, e-form data automatically updates the required documents checklist and student records in the SIS database.

“Last year, it took one staff member 3 months to process the economic data forms required by the state for 2,200 students, this year with Formatta and ImageSilo, we were able to process all of the survey forms in less than 2 weeks without adding staff.”

Read the GOAL Academy case study to find out more about the perfect complement to your Digitech PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo system.