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Maximize the benefits of DocuWare

You’ve made a wise investment in DocuWare document management solutions. It’s a critical step in moving toward a paperless business environment, which is proven to save time, reduce expenses and mitigate risk. But if you’re still printing and scanning paper forms, it’s costing you. Formatta takes your DocuWare system to the next level, streamlining any of your processes with 100% paper-free technology.

Filled in anywhere. Indexed automatically. Always where you need them.

Here’s how Formatta and DocuWare function together:

  • A person launches a Formatta e-form from a web page, portal, email or software application.
  • Formatta automatically fills in any fields using data from third-party systems and databases.
  • The user completes the remaining fields and electronically signs and submits the e-form.
  • Formatta automatically and securely sends the e-form to DocuWare for storage.
  • DocuWare uses the e-form data to automatically index and sort the e-forms.
  • E-forms are instantly accessible within DocuWare task lists and workflow.
  • Formatta automatically updates records in third-party systems using the e-form data.

Formatta works with DocuWare to remove paper across your enterprise — onboarding documents, applications, evaluations, expense reports, contracts, sales orders, purchase requests and hundreds of other types. We like to say that the advantages of Formatta are endless, but that list would be really long. Instead, here are 10 key reasons to choose us:

  1. Realize a return on your Formatta investment in less than six months.
  2. Move from scanned paper to forms without costly services or development.
  3. Leverage Intelligent Indexing and all of the other innovations DocuWare offers.
  4. Enhance DocuWare’s mobile solutions with anywhere, anytime e-forms capabilities.
  5. Ensure that critical data is locked up and encrypted from the moment someone submits it.
  6. Drive automated, dynamic workflow using the data submitted in an e-form.
  7. Adhere to DocuWare’s security model or engage Formatta’s based on your needs.
  8. Enable users to complete forms without needing to be logged into DocuWare.
  9. Provide for a virtually unlimited number of people using the same form simultaneously.
  10. Send e-form data directly into DocuWare and other third-party systems.