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Optimize your Hyland software Onbase system

You’re able to do a lot with your Hyland Onbase ECM system, from accessing important information quickly to optimizing business processes. But if your routines still involve capturing paper forms, you could be opening yourself up to unnecessary security risks and costs. Formatta mitigates these concerns and expenses, creating a truly paperless experience that dramatically boosts your Onbase solution’s value and effectiveness.

Quickly filled in without paper. Automatically classified in Onbase. Instantly shared with your ERP.

An example of Formatta and Onbase working together:

  • Needing to change W-4 withholding information, an employee logs into the online HR portal from home.
  • The employee opens the paperless W-4 e-form, which preserves the government-regulated structure.
  • Formatta prefills the W-4 with known content that’s been submitted previously or from other sources.
  • The employee quickly makes the changes, and then signs and submits the e-form — all without paper.
  • Formatta automatically and securely sends the W-4 to an Onbase on-premises repository or Onbase Cloud.
  • Formatta uses the e-form data to automatically classify the W-4, populating index values and metadata.
  • Formatta automatically updates the employee’s record in the HRIS using the data.
  • Human resources staff receives a notification that the W-4 was updated.
  • The W-4 is instantly accessible through your Onbase solution.

Updating a W-4 is just one process where Formatta works with Onbase to remove paper from a process. Other HR routines, financial aid applications, clinician credentialing, procurement, loan origination — the list goes on and on. We like to say that the advantages of Formatta are endless, but that list would be really long. Instead, here are 10 reasons to choose us:

  1. Realize a return on your Formatta investment in less than six months.
  2. Remove the risks, expenses, inefficiencies and errors introduced when scanning paper forms.
  3. Insert e-forms seamlessly into a business process without changing your workflow.
  4. Support mobile initiatives, giving users secure access to e-forms from anywhere on any device.
  5. Get Formatta up and running quickly and cost-effectively without the typical IT hassle.
  6. Integrate e-forms natively into Onbase to leverage all of the features the ECM system offers.
  7. Ensure that critical data is locked up and encrypted from the moment someone submits it.
  8. Share a virtually unlimited amount of e-form data with Onbase and other integrated systems.
  9. Adhere to Onbase’s security model or engage Formatta’s based on your needs.
  10. Extend the Formatta platform easily, scaling to meet any Onbase expansion