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Get more from your Perceptive Content system

Your Perceptive Software process and content management system has numerous benefits — instant access to important documents, faster document processing times, automated workflow steps and more. But no matter how successful your deployment is, if you’re still scanning paper forms, running them through OCR or manually indexing them, it’s costing you. Formatta takes you to that next, paperless step so you can get even more out of your Perceptive investment.

Easily completed without paper. Automatically saved in Perceptive. Instantly available in your ERP.

An example of Formatta and Perceptive Content (ImageNow) working together:

  • A new hire accesses a completely paperless onboarding packet of e-forms from the online HR portal.
  • On each form, Formatta automatically fills in any field with data from the HRIS and other sources.
  • The employee quickly completes the remaining fields, and then signs and submits the e-forms — all without paper.
  • Formatta automatically and securely sends each e-form to the Perceptive Content repository.
  • Formatta uses the e-form data to automatically index the e-forms, populating custom properties and document keys.
  • Formatta automatically updates the new hire’s employee record in the HRIS using the data.
  • Human resources staff receives a Perceptive Workflow notification that the packet is complete.
  • E-forms are instantly accessible within workflow or the employee’s HRIS record through Perceptive Content.

Onboarding is just one scenario where Formatta works with Perceptive Software to remove paper from a process. Other HR routines, financial aid applications, procurement, claims processing, sales orders — the list goes on and on. We like to say that the advantages of Formatta are endless, but that list would be really long. Instead, here are 10 reasons to choose us:

  1. Get a return on your Formatta investment in less than six months
  2. Move from scanned paper to forms without costly services or development
  3. Use an e-form to kick off a process without needing to change your workflow setup
  4. Save e-forms in folders to take advantage of all the bells and whistles Perceptive offers
  5. Create folders and tabs in Perceptive automatically based on e-form input
  6. Drive automated, dynamic processes using submitted e-form data
  7. Push e-form data into a virtually unlimited set of custom properties and document keys
  8. Adhere to Perceptive’s security model or engage Formatta’s based on your needs
  9. Enable users to complete forms without needing to be logged into Perceptive
  10. Provide for a virtually unlimited number of people using the same form simultaneously

* Requires Message Agent component from Perceptive Software.