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Increase the power of Viewpoint

You have a lot to worry about. Keeping project costs under control. Managing a constantly evolving group of subcontractors and employees. Ensuring that you comply with numerous standards and regulations. The list can seem endless. That’s also the reason that paper forms still play a role in your day-to-day operations. We get it. Paper is familiar and comfortable. But it’s also surprisingly expensive and inefficient — wasting money and time while introducing risk and mistakes. With Access Formatta for Viewpoint, you can eliminate all the paper forms that are blocking the road ahead.

Use anywhere. Collect what you need. Finally get rid of paper.

Here’s how Formatta and Viewpoint work together:

  • Launch a Formatta e-form from a web page, email or portal using a tablet, laptop, desktop or mobile device.
  • Formatta automatically fills in any fields using data from Viewpoint records and other sources.
  • The user completes the remaining fields, electronically signs the e-form and submits it when online.
  • Formatta automatically and securely sends the e-form to Viewpoint for Content Management for storage.
  • Viewpoint uses the e-form data to automatically index the e-forms.
  • E-forms are instantly accessible within a familiar Viewpoint environment.
  • Formatta automatically updates records in Viewpoint and other systems with e-form data.

Formatta e-forms remove the limitations of paper and manual workflow, dramatically improving the way construction companies manage their time sheets, change orders, equipment logs, applications, subcontractor qualifications, injury reports and all other forms. With Formatta, your forms can be mobile, paperless, fast, secure, efficient and 100 percent hassle-free. Here are 10 reasons to choose Formatta:

  1. Send all e-forms and data automatically into Viewpoint for retention, retrieval and workflow automation.
  2. Integrate Formatta quickly with Viewpoint and virtually any other system without costly services or development.
  3. Make it easy to fill out forms, pulling in information automatically from Viewpoint records and other data sources.
  4. Use, approve and sign e-forms on the go from anywhere with virtually any device, like iPads and Surface tablets.
  5. Enable people to complete e-forms when they’re on-site or off-line and then submit them once they’re connected.
  6. Eliminate the costs, hassles and risks of paper forms — no printing, scanning, filing, storing, shuffling or searching.
  7. Let e-forms do the work for you, calculating totals, validating data and automating steps to save time and reduce errors.
  8. Benefit from our proven experience, close relationship with Viewpoint, and in-depth knowledge of Viewpoint software.
  9. Leverage all of the innovations that Viewpoint offers, including their mobile solutions and cloud computing platform.
  10. Turn paper forms into exact electronic replicas so you’re always in compliance with government, regulatory requirements.

Formatta and Viewpoint in Action — A Real-World Example:

  1. A construction manager identifies an on-site issue and opens a change order e-form on his tablet.
  2. Formatta automatically fills in some form fields by pulling data about the user and project from Viewpoint.
  3. The construction manager adds details about the site’s changing conditions and plan of action.
  4. He also takes several pictures using his tablet and attaches them electronically to the e-form.
  5. He captures the appropriate signatures directly on the e-form using the tablet’s touch screen.
  6. When complete, he submits the e-form and Formatta instantly sends it with attachments into Viewpoint for Content Management.
  7. The data from the form also is shared with Viewpoint to update project records automatically.
  8. The right people are notified immediately via e-mail, and the e-form is available for review in Construction Imaging.