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Struggle with the costs and slowness of paper forms? Spend hours manually entering forms data into software programs and indexing scanned forms? Take weeks or months to update forms or publish new ones? Lose track of forms as they travel from person to person? Reprocess the same form because of incomplete or incorrect information? If “yes” is your answer to any or all of these questions, you need Formatta from Access, the world’s leading enterprise forms management provider.

Formatta solutions enable your organization to access and complete secure electronic forms from anywhere (online or offline), then quickly send them between people and departments who can authorize them with secure digital signatures. Upon completion, form images and data are sent into your content and document management system and your business software is automatically updated — all without paper or manual data entry.

Eliminate paper forms. Speed up processes. Increase collaboration.

With Formatta, you can transform traditional, paper-driven processes into automated, secure, collaborative and optimized ones with online forms that retain the original structure of paper documents — including government-regulated forms like W-4s, I-9s as well as industry-specific required formats necessary for proper compliance.

  • Securely hire a new employee, refer a patient or approve a capital request completely electronically and without paper
  • Instantly retrieve a form with information automatically filled in
  • Quickly complete the form and authorize it using a digital signature
  • Easily add attachments and track the form throughout its lifecycle
  • Send completed forms directly into your content management system — no scanning or indexing required
  • Automatically update any other software system with form data, including ERP and custom line-of-business applications
  • Save collected form data to an external database or share it securely via web services
  • Rapidly convert existing documents and create new forms with an easy-to-use form designer