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E-Forms solutions for construction

In the past few years, the construction industry has taken a beating from the slumping economy, and both commercial- and residential-focused companies are feeling the strain. To retain or restore the competitive edge, they need to eliminate wasted time, money and effort. Yet relying on paper-driven forms processes prevents this efficiency from becoming reality.

Remove paper forms. Accelerate business activities. Gain an advantage.

Formatta e-forms management solutions for construction can help. With our software, you can transform virtually any customer-facing and internal process into a paperless, timely and collaborative one. Users can access e-forms from anywhere, anytime; conveniently complete them online or offline; and apply a secure digital signature.

Once each person in a process has done their part, the form and any attachments are sent directly into your content and document management system while Formatta automatically updates your business applications with collected form data.

  • Speed job costing, invoicing, lead management, resource scheduling, timesheet processing, quote processing, purchasing and more — restoring competitiveness and saving time and money
  • Collect accurate information every time to improve decision making across your company
  • Protect the integrity of customer and business information with encryption and digital signatures
  • Extend forms access to employees in the field, customers and subcontractors
  • Enhance the management of applications, leases, lease revisions, addenda, insurance information and other vital information involved in commercial property management
  • Effortlessly collect and process applicant and occupant information for residential properties
  • Support efforts to satisfy compliance legislation and regulatory requirements

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