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Access eForms formatta solutions for healthcare

From patient access to human resources to financials, your hospital or health system likely has hundreds of paper-heavy processes — physician referrals, new employee onboarding, capital requests and countless others. Up to 80 percent of business-driving documents are forms. When relying on paper versions, processes are time-consuming, resource-draining, error-prone and impossible to track. Access eForms is Healthcare’s robust solution to automated patient electronic forms allowing eSignature on any device, and it provides interoperability within any EHR, or connected facility.

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Get rid of paper. Improve clinical processes. Transform your back office.

Hundreds of hospitals have already overcome this inefficiency with our e-forms management solutions for healthcare. Formatta software through Access eForms transforms traditional, paper-driven processes into automated, secured, collaborative and optimized ones with online forms that retain the original structure of paper documents — including government-regulated forms like W-4s, I-9s as well as industry-specific required formats necessary for proper compliance.

Access Patient eSignature and Formatta
  • Refer a patient, onboard a new employee and approve a capital request quickly, securely and without paper
  • Access and complete forms from anywhere, at your convenience (online or offline)
  • Easily add attachments to forms to give approvers all the information they need in one place
  • Collect all required data quickly and accurately in a standardized manner
  • Authorize forms with secure, encrypted digital signatures that ensure data integrity
  • Securely share forms and attachments between individuals, departments and facilities — even with approved third parties like referring physicians’ offices
  • Automatically update clinical and business systems with forms data
  • Send completed forms directly into the appropriate record in a content and document management system
  • Easily update existing forms and create new ones with an intuitive e-form design tool

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