Our leadership team has had years of experience in developing cutting-edge enterprise forms management (EFM) technology that speeds business processes; reduces financial, productivity and environmental costs; and improves service to customers, employees and vendors for hundreds of customers worldwide. They provide the knowledge, expertise and guidance needed for Access to:

  • Create paperless and paper-light solutions that solve pain points for organizations in all industries
  • Drive change through a commitment to innovative, green technology
  • Provide exemplary support to our customers and partners
  • Make the lives of business workers easier through intuitive, integrated solutions

Tim Elliott, Founder + CEO 

Tim has over 20 years of executive leadership experience. He developed expertise in the hardware space, including with enterprise print solutions, and then in developing key workflow concepts for healthcare. Tim has found a niche in listening to customers’ common problems and creating advanced and creative solutions that are implemented worldwide. Tim founded Access 14 years ago to meet the forms automation, workflow and data exchange needs of organizations in all industries. With Tim’s guidance and direction, Access has become the fastest growing company in its field, offering customers and partners unmatched forward-thinking technology, responsive support and custom solutions development. Tim also provides insights into business development and marketing strategies that continue to drive company growth.


Davin Marceau, Chief Operating Officer

Davin grew up in Montana and served US Army Ranger for 10+ years seeing combat across multiple deployments. Through Davin’s high caliber military career he learned how to mentally and physically prepare for and overcome adversity. He is a disciplined high performer that has applied lessons learned in the highest of stakes settings to the business world.


Scott Fuller, Chief Information Officer

Scott has 20+ years of technology & security leadership experience. He has literally written the book on technology security. Actually, has written over 12 of them! Additionally, Scott is also a part of the Forbes Leadership Council on Technology. Scott’s efforts have helped thousands of organizations understand, confront, and overcome significant security challenges. Additionally, Scott leads technology development efforts. Though his leadership Access is well positioned to develop secure high quality technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of healthcare.