Our Company

For more than a dozen years, Access has been delivering solutions that solve the real-world pain points of hundreds of organizations worldwide. We’re the leading provider of e-forms management software products and solutions, which enable organizations in any industry to effortlessly capture, manage and exchange data between e-forms and business systems.

We are committed to enabling change through innovative technology — creating paperless and paper-light processes with green technology, improving work environments by making people’s jobs easier and allowing organizations to communicate more effectively with their employees, customers and vendors. We back up our solutions with proven professional services and support practices that give you the expertise and responsive assistance needed to make your implementation a success.

Integrity is important to us, and that’s why we back up our commitment to change through our corporate practices, such as giving back to our community by supporting non-profit organizations and reducing our environmental impact with a virtual work environment and paper-light marketing and sales strategies.

Discover how Access Formatta products and our industry and departmental solutions can positively impact your organization. Additional products, such as Access Intelligent Forms Suite, Access e-Signature and Access Universal Document Portal, also can help speed processes and cut costs.

For more information please visit www.accessefm.com.