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Professional services for Formatta

To help you achieve immediate value and long-term success from your Formatta e-forms management project, Access provides a full range of professional services, including installation, configuration and integration assistance.

Transition from paper forms. Rely on our experts. Hit the ground running.

Installation and Configuration
We can install and configure Formatta E-Forms Manager to publish forms and receive submissions. This service also includes configuration support for features such as digital signatures, Active Directory or LDAP, Application Extender integration, and ODBC connections to target databases.

Business Process Analysis
Our team can analyze the business processes associated with existing or new forms.

Custom Form Design and Creation
We can gather form requirements and then design, create and publish forms for you. This service includes internal validations, calculations and workflow requirements.

Workflow Design and Creation
Our professionals can gather workflow processing steps, email notification information and create necessary approval steps.

Custom Form Automation and Integration
We can build automation into your forms and integrate form data with existing customer systems. This service includes Formatta Autofill and Autowrite automation requirements and database query creation.

Consulting Services
Our professional services staff can provide expert project management and technical assistance.

The Access team delivers these services on a fee schedule that meets your needs and budget. Some services can be provided as part of our managed services offerings for customers who choose our private cloud or shared cloud deployments.

Professional Services Packages
To provide maximum value, we offer services bundled together into the following packages, which are heavily discounted. Each package includes the Basic and Advanced Training and Certification DVDs as well as a set number of hours provided by our professional service team.

  • Installation and configuration
  • Business process analysis
  • Custom form design and creation
  • Workflow design and creation
  • Custom form automation and integration
  • Consulting services

 We also can design and price a package of offerings customized to fit your needs.